Why Choose OTT?

There are approximately 200 million OTT users in 2017 in the U.S. It has a 90% completion rate on premium display and mobile, and ads must be played in their entirely. Forbes reported, CTV ad requests were up an astonishing 1,640% year-over-year in 2018.

Tv screens don’t scroll! That means OTT ad units are 100% viewable, on average, most display ads are 50-60% viewable.

6 Key Metrics about OTT:

  • Price Point

    1. OTT ads are cheaper than traditional TV ads as well as more targeted
  • Targeting

    1. Visibility into what’s being watched, who is watching and on what device
  • Play Through

    1. Brand Awareness guarantee since ads must play in their entirety
    2. We don’t count ads that done play in their entirety! (Someone changes the channel etc.…
  • Conversions

    1. Ads can have clickable links to drive immediate traffic on OD’s
  • Visibility

    1. On Average ads have a 90% completion rate on premium display and mobile inventory
  • Demographics

    1. Through our OTT channels we can collect demographic details on your viewed ads

Digital Billboards

NewTek has a US and International reach of digital billboards that are managed from a targeted standpoint.  With our model, all plays occur within targeted hours or when data indicates the right audience is in the area. The old model is to just gauge a billboard by impressions and, is slot based, buying a location in a loop.  Our model, technology, and relationships allow you to buy placements when the market conditions and/or audience is right.

We can change creative around the US and World quickly to adjust to your marketing campaigns.


We use a state-of-the-art SEO strategy. Our methods have been tested and proven to rank better and maintain rankings much longer.  Our 32-step process insure we not only rank the right way, we don’t fall victim to the ups and downs of rankings.


Our digital plans use both traditional models as well as our own built model allowing NewTek to return a much higher ROI when it comes to digital ads, more commonly know as Paid Search and/or PPC. With our model we use external webpages and landing pages while running split test to make sure the client is receiving the best bang for the buck on their digital spend.

We are POWERED by Results and Relationships:

  • Integrated with 95% of media channels worldwide

  • Access to the same placements with better targeting

  • Spread buys across networks easily for more effective reach

  • Lower cost of acquisition

  • Full funnel attribution

  • Real-time reporting and measurement